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About this page

On this page you will find a broader selection of resources that might be useful for your research

General databases

Interdisciplinary databases

Interdisciplinary bibliographies covering a specific historical period or subject

Collections art historical libraries

Many publications that are of interest to art historical research are not available in university libraries, but only in the libraries of museums and art historical institutes. The holdings of these libraries cannot always be found through SmartCat. You need to search the catalogues/databases of these institutes.

Newspapers and magazines

For current topics it is useful to search for articles in newspapers and magazines.

Nexis Uni offers full-text articles from Dutch and foreign newspapers. Articles by freelance journalists or art critics are not always included.


Use Delpher for full text search of Dutch books, newspapers and magazines from the 17th until the 20th century from the digital collections of libraries, scientific institutes and cultural heritage organizations in the Netherlands.


Google Books

Google Book Search



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