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German Language & Culture: E-books/e-journals

This guide covers a set of high-quality sources of information for German language & literature that can be a good starting point for your research.

E-books/e-journals via Wiley Online

In Wiley Online you will find a.o. e-books and e-journals with reference to Germanic Grammers & Dictionaries and European literature,

for example :

Find e-books

In SmartCat you will find all our books (printed and e-books). If you are interested in our e-books/e-journals, after your search please select on the left 'Content - Full Text'. Or search for e-books through this link:

German literature via Ebrary

Subdivided into a.o. : Folk literature, History of German literature, Individual authors or works, Literary history and criticism.

A selection (See: E-books German literature Ebrary for complete collection):