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Information Literacy Course International Relations: Introduction


In this section you will focus on your topic.

We will describe the orientation phase, how to define and if necessary to narrow down your topic and how to choose your search terms.

In the chapter Orientation on your topic we will give you some tips on how to find general, introductory information on your topic. Having a good overview of all aspects of your topic will be helpful when you refine your topic and develop a research question. The library offers many handbooks in the field of IR which you can use.

The next chapter is Developing a research question and research design. We will be brief about this because this is part of the Skills I and II courses. It is a very important step in doing research There is an overwhelming amount of literature published in the field of International Relations. You have to narrow down your topic to a level that can be handled.

In the chapter Choosing search terms we will take a look at the issue of search terms. How do you decide which search terms to use? Suggestions for finding more or different search terms will be given, along with tips on what to do if your search produces too many or too few results.

Learning outcomes

After studying this chapter you will know how to develop an initial idea into a clearly defined subject of study.

You will know how to find your way around the subject, how to delineate it, and how to decide on useful search terms.

Watch this short film about finding information on your topic