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Information Literacy History: Primary sources

Primary sources

For historians the use of historical primary sources is essential. They study these sources and write articles and monographs based on their use of primary historical sources.

There are various types of historical sources. For instance:

  • the ancient historian is studying texts by Tacitus or Xenophon
  • the medieval historian is reading the works of the church fathers
  • the early-modern historian is studying the Resolutions of the Trade Council of the Dutch East India Company
  • the modern historian is studying the diaries of Joseph Goebbels
  • the contemporary, political historian is researching the Proceedings of the House of Representatives and the Senate
  • the social-economic historian is researching the trade missions to the Baltic, using the so-called Sonttolregisters

Some primary sources have been published in print and can be found in the library. To find them, use SmartCat.

For more information on historical primary sources in the library use LibGuide Historische bronnen. (in Dutch)