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Information Literacy History: Test yourself

Question 1

Is the information you find on the internet less reliable than the information in academic journals to which the UB subscribes?

Question 2

Why is peer review a good indication of how reliable the information is?

Question 3

Say, you have to write a paper about the Dutch peacekeeping mission in Uruzgan (Afghanistan) in the period 2006-2010. Your research question is: which factors played a part in the decision-making process in the Netherlands in 2005/2006 when the initial decision was made, in 2008 when the mission was prolonged, and in 2010 when the mission was terminated. You are searching for scholarly literature that you can use as a source for your paper.

Suppose you find the following publications:

Use the criteria that you find in the chapter Evaluating to rank these papers in order of decreasing usefulness. Explain your choices.