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Information Literacy History: Test yourself

Question 1

You only want to find books or articles that are available in the University of Groningen Library. Where can you best find them?

  1. A bibliographic database
  2. SmartCat
  3. Google Scholar

Question 2

Open the DBNG and search for references in the English language on the subject of the city of Groningen. Use the map option, and the keyword for publication language (eng = English). Who wrote an article on Dutch newspapers in 2005?

Question 3

Open the bibliographic database Historical Abstracts and find an article published by Vladislav Zubok in the journal Cold war history about Mikhail Gorbachev in the historical period 1988 till 1990 .

In which year was the article published?

Question 4

Open Google Scholar and use the advanced search screen to answer the following question:

Christian Reus-Smit wrote an article in the journal Millennium in 2012. How often is this article cited by other scholars (according to Google Scholar)?

Question 5

What is true about searching on the internet?  

  1. You can find all the articles from bibliographic databases with Google Scholar as well
  2. Google Scholar is suited for broad searching in academic sources
  3. With the 'regular' Google you can also find articles that are in Google Scholar