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Information literacy ~ Artificial Intelligence: I want to find an article

Journal articles

There are various ways of finding articles published in e-journals. SmartCat gives access to all journals and articles the library has access to, but direct access through so-called full-text databases and indirect access through so-called bibliographic databases is also possible. These databases can be found under 'E-resources' on the Library portal.

Bibliographic databases are generally geared to a specific discipline and offer therefore several advantages over SmartCat, which is an interdisciplinary search engine.


To find out which database is the best one to use for your subject, you can consult a subject-specific LibGuide

There you will find the most important (bibliographic) databases for your field of study.

Linking to the full text

In most bibliographic databases the University Library has provided a link from the bibliographic reference to the full text of the article or e-book. By using the Get It! button you can check whether you, as a RUG student, actually have access to the text. In other words, whether the Library has a licence for the e-book or e-journal.

In addition, full-text databases offer their own links to the text in PDF or HTML.

How to get the PDF

How do I find the fulltext of an article? Some very useful tips for getting access to full texts of research articles. 

How do I find journal articles in SmartCat?

If you are looking for a specific article (a so-called 'known item') you can use SmartCat to find it. You can search for it using the article title and/or the author‘s name.

If you are looking for articles on a particular subject, go to ‘Advanced Search’ and type in keyword or subject. Then go to the filter options in the left-hand menu to select articles only.

More information on searching for articles in SmartCat