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Information Literacy Archaeology: Answers

Question 1 + answer

Peter Jordan, professor in the Archaeology Department at the University of Groningen, has written an article on the holocene hunter-gatherer archaeology of Northern Eurasia. Suppose he is talking about it in the television show De Wereld draait door.

Would this be an example of academic communication or of science communication?


The correct answer is: science communication.

It is science communication; communication aimed at the general public, using everyday vocabulary. This distinguishes it from academic communication which uses jargon, a specialised scientific vocabulary used only among fellow- scientists.

Question 2 + answer

You are looking for in-depth academic information. What type of literature do you choose?

1. A handbook

2. A newspaper

3. A monograph



The correct answer is 3: a monograph.

Question 3 and answer

What is not a characteristic of a scholarly journal?

  • contains articles of 10 - 20 pages long
  • uses popularized academic style and vocabulary
  • often contains news about scientific societies
  • contains socalled 'reviews' of scholarly publications

The correct answer:

Writing, using a popularized academic style and vocabulary, is not a characteristic of a scholarly journal. This type of journal uses scientific jargon, aimed at insiders; other scientists who are familiar with the subject field.