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Information Literacy Archaeology: Answers

Question 1 + answer

What are appropriate sources to use in the orientation phase? Name two.


 The quickest way to find an initial subject is to look in a printed or online handbook or reference work. Look in the index and find the relevant entry. You will find the most important basic information about your subject.

Question 2 + answer

Name two ways to define your topic.


There are various ways to define a topic, for example:

  • geographical: which country/region?
  • period: which year(s), decade, century?
  • language: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic etc.

Question 3 + answer

For the following subject, find

  • a synonym
  • a different spelling
  • a broader search term that will produce more results


Subject: Terra sigillata in Eastern Gaul


If you have looked in handbooks or encyclopaedias, for example, you might have discovered the following:

  • Synonyms for the term ‘Terra sigillata’ can be ‘Aretine ware’ and samian ware’ ‘Céramique sigillée’, ‘TS’
  • What does Gaul mean? What is the time span of ‘Gaul’?
  • Gaul is in English: Gaul,Gaulish, In French:  Gaule, Gaulois, German: Gallien,Gallisch, Dutch:  Gallië
  • ‘Gaul ’ is a broader search term for ‘Eastern Gaul’. 

These are just a few possible answers.