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Sources and Lists

More information on search techniques

Step 1 Preparation

  • Define your topic
  • Determine search terms
    • Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Thesauris
    • Use the electronic databases and the libguides to find these sources

Step 2: Select Databases and Catalogues

General Library Catalogue (Smartcat) only to be used for:

  • Checking whether material is available
  • First orientation on your topic
    • Not only Scientific Publications
    • Not every journal is indexed!

Specialized (Literature) Databases

  • Find precise literature in specialized databases
    • Use libguides for inspiration and to find persons to contact

General Feedback

If you have questions or would like to give feedback please contact the Library's education team at

Step 3: Searching for publications

  • Trouble Shooting: Too many publications
    • Specify with more search terms (AND)
    • Search within specific fields (title words, subjects, keywords)
    • Use thesaurus terms
    • Use more specific search terms
    • Use limiters, e.g.: period
    • Use the NOT operator to exclude terms


Internationalisation of education

aspects: education, psychology, migration studies and institutional policy.

Found interesting sources in the libguides related to the different aspects?

Please let us know!

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