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Publish Open Access - the agreements with publishers: LWW

Everything you always wanted to know about open access

What are the main outlines of the agreement with Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

100% discount on APCs in LWW's hybrid journals

Authors of the University Groningen and the UMCG may publish open access at no cost in the hybrid journals from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins in 2017, 2018 and 2019. 

To which journals does this agreement apply?

In these 221 Hybrid LWW journals you can publish open access with 100% discount on APCs.
The agreement covers original research articles, review articles, full case reports and case series.

The LWW full Open access journals are not part of the regulation. For these journals there is no compensation or discount for the APCs. 

Workflow when submitting a manuscript

The corresponding (submitting) author should use a or email address. This is important, because the publisher uses this to identify you as a member of our instititution. 

After acceptance of your publication, the publisher will ask for an "APC Waiver" code.
You may request a waiver code via 

More information
The articles will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Non-Derivative License 

More information; see and the LWW website



Retrospectively publish as open access

The contract was signed 16/1 and the effective date was January 1st. The publisher won’t be refunding payments that have already been made, however articles accepted between Jan 1st and Jan 16th 2017 can be retrospectively published as open access at no charge.

Is the latter the case, than you should contact the Journal Editorial Office or Publisher and request the article be made open access. The coupon code (once fixed!) can then be used to waive the fee.

If the article is too far along the process to be made open access using the coupon waiver, or if there are any other problems making those articles open access retrospectively then the institutions  can escalate those articles to Ian Burgess (email: provided the date of acceptance falls between 1st and 16th January. He’ll then submit the requests for OA for these articles in batches. 

Check a publisher for discount



no fee

BioMed Central

15% discount


100% discount

Cambridge UP

Cambridge UP

no fee for most journals

De Gruyter

90% discount


no fee for some journals


no fee for some journals



no fee for some journals



pre-paid bundle


pre-paid bundle & discount



no fee for OpenChoice journals

Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis

no fee for Open Select journals


25% discount


no fee for OnlineOpen journals

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