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Altmetrics - UMCG by the CMB: Home

The CMB UMCG had started an Altmetrics project for the UMCG. For more information about the UMCG Altmetric dashboard for individual use or for Research Institutes or Programmes, please contact Guus van den Brekel.

What is Altmetrics & what is the UMCG Altmetric project?

The UMCG and Altmetric

Altmetrics can be a valuable and additional tool to monitor and report on the attention surrounding your research. The Central Medical Library has launched an Altmetrics project in collaboration with researchers and other stakeholders in the UMCG to raise awareness about changing communication (and its importance) within science.


The data in the UMCG Altmetrics Dashboard comes from the University of Groningen research database 'Pure'. Pure includes all UMCG publications from research institutes, research programs and researchers.
The Altmetric dashboard adds additional statistics to these publications, such as the number of tweets, blogs, news posts, post peer reviews or policy documents that mention a publication, anywhere in the world.

Researchers can use the UMCG Altmetric Dashboard to:    

  • find out what is being said about your publication on the web, by whom and how often    
  • discover which policies (worldwide) refer to your publication(s)    
  • better understand the social relevance of scientific research; also at the level of research institutes and programs  

How can I use it?

  • To access the UMCG Altmetric dashboard, simply go to: from an UMCG desktop or via

    • Use Continue as a GUEST, if you don't want to create an account

    • Use Create an account, if you want be able to create your own reports and alerts.

  • You will get personal access to the UMCG Altmetric Dashboard.
    It contains all tracked "mentions" from a lot of sources on the web related to your publications that are already out there for everybody to see, but in this dashboard they are all aggregated together:
    • by author
    • by the 5 Research Institutes and Programmes of the UMCG
    • by the departments

Altmetric Reports UMCG

Watch these Altmetric Reports about the UMCG, it's 5 research institutes and all research programms:
(reports are based on research output in the UMCG Pure repository and are renewed on a daily bases)

Want your own? Or want to know more? Contact Guus van den Brekel at CMB UMCG!

Other UMCG Altmetric reports (on demand)

Want your own Report? Or want to know more? Contact Guus van den Brekel at CMB UMCG!

Who is talking about your research?

Video Altmetric & UMCG

Guus van den Brekel of the UMCG Central Medical Library talked about Altmetrics at a Meet & Learn meeting in the UMCG:


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