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AVM: Beeld en Geluid

a guide to audiovisual media in the library collection and online

Beeld en Geluid op school

Logo Beeld en Geluid op school 

Beeld en Geluid op school is a streaming video collection for education. It offers historic and current audiovisual material from Dutch public broadcasting organizations. Included are also: cinema newsreels, amateur films, corporate films, political campaign programs. Beeld en Geluid op School is a selection from the archive Beeld en Geluid (this is the archive of the Dutch public broadcasting organizations).

It is possible to request other programs from the Beeld en Geluid archive to be added to the collection

Beeld en Geluid op school in Smartcat

You can find items from the Beeld en Geluid op school collection in SmartCat

Go to Smartcat and select advanced search. Add Beeld en Geluid op school in the database section. (Don't forget to click Save Changes)

Screenshot SmartCat. add database to search

In order to find items from the Beeld en Geluid database you need to set the scope of SmartCat to Libraries worldwide.

screenshot SmartCat. set scope to libraries worldwide

In the search results you can select to see all results or just those from the Beeld en Geluid database. In the filter section go to  databases and check Beeld en Geluid op school.

screenshot SmartCat. Filter results by database


What you can do with Beeld en Geluid op School

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Create and share thematic collections

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