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Information Literacy Graduates: Subject orientation

Learning outcomes

After studying this section you will know how to develop an initial idea into a clearly defined research topic.

You will know how to find your way around the subject, how to delineate it, and how to decide on useful search terms.

Orientation on your topic

After selecting a topic, you will have to familiarize yourself with the topic in order to clarify it. This way you will get a clearer idea of all aspects concerning the topic, definitions, facts and theories. You will get to know related terms and concepts, the context and the various possible ways of approaching the topic.

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Other theses as an orientation source

It is a good idea to look at the theses collection before you start your thesis. Check out what others have done to get a sense of length, format and content. You can use the reference lists to find more literature on your subject.

Beware! Theses themselves are not considered to be Academic literature. So please don't refer to theses in your reference list / bibliography. 

Use the link to find theses and dissertations from the RUG and online theses from other Dutch universities.

Orientation sources

Take a look at the orientation sources that are listed below.

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Research question and the literature review

Whatever form of research you are doing - whether it is a stand-alone review or a (preliminary) part of a complete research project - you have to begin with a research question. The research question provides the structure for the whole of your literature review.

Defining your research question is a crucial step. It is the foundation for your research. If you do not have a clearly defined research question you will lose direction and your research will be unfocused. 

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