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About Qualtrics Online Survey Suite

The Qualtrics Research Suite is a user-friendly, feature-rich, web-based survey tool which allows users to build, distribute, and analyse online surveys, collaborate in real-time, and export data in multiple formats.

Read this page carefully when you use Qualtrics for research, because there are very important aspects to consider to protect and secure your data.

Qualtrics Usage Restrictions

Qualtrics is available to all University of Groningen staff and students.
Beware that our license allows use only for teaching and research purposes.
Business or internal customer/student satisfaction surveys are not allowed under our current campus license.

In the RUG instance of Qualtrics you will be logged on automatically with your P- or S-number.

If the use of your P- or S-account is discontinued you will lose access to Qualtrics, but your data will not be removed.
Make sure you secure your data and clear your account or ask for support to do so.

Getting Started on Qualtrics

Qualtrics and Personal Data

When people participate in your research by means of a questionnaire, you will probably collect personal data

Researchers, students and staff who collect personal data are obliged to protect the privacy of the survey respondents by thinking carefully about the survey design and data management (as stated in the General Data Protection Regulation).

Qualtrics is an externally hosted platform intended for data collection only! 
Always make sure you remove any personal or sensitive data after you have completed your research.

Read this Qualtrics info on GDPR compliancy. Also, check the Privacy & Data Protection pages of the DCC (link).

How to secure Qualtrics research data AFTER your research

Do not use Qualtrics to store your research data!

Qualtrics is an externally hosted platform intended for data collection only. 
Export and remove data from Qualtrics to secure storage, the moment research is completed.


Specifically, what you need to do:

  1. Log in at Qualtrics
  2. Export your completed surveys
    Go to Survey → Tools → Export → Export Survey.
    This will download a QSF file with the empty survey, so you can re-use it later in the new research. This file does not contain any research data from respondents.
  3. Export research data from respondents
    Go to Data & Analysis → Export & Import → Export data, and choose the format you would like to store the data in (e.g. SPSS format)
    More info about data export at 
  4. Verify (in e.g. SPSS) that your data has indeed been successfully stored
  5. Safe the QSF file from (2) and your data file from (3) in UM servers for research data
  6. Remove the survey from Qualtrics
    In the main menu at the right-hand side after the project name at Actions → Delete Project
    More information about deleting your data at 
  7. Repeat step 2 through 6 for all finished surveys.

If you have any questions, or if you are running into any issues, please contact your local administrator or the DCC.

Contact Info and Support

Support on the administration of your Qualtrics account and surveys is offered for: 

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

BSS Research Support:

Faculty of Economics & Business 

Business Research Lab:

Other faculties and services

Digital Competence Centre:



Questions? Ask the experts: