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Toolbar Write-N-Cite

The Write-N-Cite toolbar in Microsoft Word on Mac

Unfortunately, the Write-N-Cite toolbar for Mac is not as self explanatory as the toolbar for PCs, but the buttons work similarly.

  • Insert Citation: Will insert a citation from your library.
  • Style: Will format your citations and bibliography according to whatever citation style that you need to use (e.g. APA, AMA, Uniform Requirements, etc). If you need to format a custom style, look at our brief outline here for suggestions or ask us for help.
  • Bibliography: Will insert, remove or format a bibliography from the citations that you've inserted into the document.
  • Sync My Database: Will sync your toolbar to include any changes you may've made to your references in your RefWorks account or will include any new references that you've added since you last synced your
  • Remove Field Codes: Will remove the link between the document and your RefWorks account. This is typically done before submitting a paper to colleagues for revision, before submitting a paper to a professor for a grade, or before submitting a paper to a journal for submission. This step is irreversible. You may want to save a copy of the paper with field codes (e.g. final_paper-field_codes.docx) and one without field codes (e.g. final_paper-no_field_codes.docx) so that you can easily revise the paper down the road. RefWorks will prompt a scary warning before you do this.
  • Preferences: Will allow you to do a variety of things like switch to another account (which is helpful if you have an account setup for a group project) or convert from a previous version of Write-N-Cite.

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