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Manual: Lean Library extension in Edge for UMCG

Without an active Lean Library extension  in Edge in "UMCG Anywhere" ánd on the NextGen laptops, you will NOT have automatic access to the digital library.

The Lean Library extension is be part of the "UMCG Anywhere" Edge browser as of May 22 2024, and available for the NextGen laptops.

The use of  Lean Library offers many advantages:

  • Automatic access to the complete digital collection
    • All online journals, databases, e-books and newspapers (not just medical, but all topics & for all in the UMCG)
  • Get-It-button automatically added in PubMed & Google Scholar
  • Notifications for open access publishing, alternative versions, new sources, trials etc.
  • Request-a-copy (free) when full-text is not available.
  • direct contact with CMB for support

Here is how to install it on your other devices, in just 3 steps:


  1. In Edge go to the LeanLIbrary add-on, and click GET & 
  2. Choose "ADD Extension"
  3.  Choose "University of Groningen" Institution











  • Make Lean Library visible in your Edge toolbar, click the Puzzle-piece icon in the toolbar in the right top corner, and then on the EYE.





From now on you will get notification pop-ups when there is journal, e-book, database or service available from the library for you!

  • To see the Settings, CLICK the LL icon in the toolbar, and then on the "wheel" to see the settings screen

  • Click the ON/OFF switch to change the status van the extension (active is default)
    N.B. When switched OFF/PAUZED (not green) you will get NO access to the digital library!
  • In the section Notifications of the Settings, you can adjust your preferences for receiving Notification pop-ups.
  • Here is the complete manual by Lean Library itself:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • On / Off
    I get it that Lean Library alerts me -when active- with pop-ups when I need access to resources of full-text, but can I turn it off temporarily?Yes, you can. If you click on the Lean Library icon in the top-right corner of Edge, there is a slider you can move to "PAUZED" by clicking it.
    N.B. Don't forget to turn it back ON, when you need access!
  • Get Citation (feature to copy & paste a citation into a document)
    This can be turned off, via "Settings" (toothed wheel) and "Integrations"


  • I am getting a lot of pop-ups. How can I control that?
    • Click the Lean Library icon, and choose "Settings" (the wheel) to see all options and settings. Under "NOTIFICATIONS" you can choose your preferences:
      • Let me decide which sites I see messages on.
      • Automate my authentication and skip associated pop-ups.
      • Show me the option to register for email alerts within Google Scholar search results
      • Notify me:
        • When an article is found within my library’s holdings.
        • When an ebook is found within my library’s holdings.
        • When an article has an Open Access version available.
        • When I can request a resource via an "Inter-Library Loan" form


  • I get a login request for the proxy-server. How to login?

    • UMCG staff (hospital part)

      • Log in using your UMCG email address (not your UMCG username!) and your UMCG password (Single sign-on)

    • UMCG staff (faculty part)

      • Log in using your p-number from the University (Single sign-on)

    • Students and interns

      • Log in using your s-number from the University (Single sign-on)

For help & support, contact Guus van den Brekel (16194) of Robin Ottjes (16191 from the CMB.



Guus van den Brekel

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Guus van den Brekel
Medical Information Specialist & Pure coordinator UMCG
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Website Skype Contact: digicmb

Robin Ottjes

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Robin Ottjes
Medical Information Specialist

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050 36 16191



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