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Current Awareness Overviews

We can make your Current Awareness overviews, contact me to get your own! See here how you can get to see new publications on your topics of interest, like the DASH focus or into UMCG Cohort publications.

  • a curated overview on AI, deep & machine learning and data science (worldwide, using READ)
  • all new UMCG publications on these topics in this feed (UMCG-authors)
  • All new publications on these topics based on an extensive Pubmed search (worldwide)
  • An overview of the most recent UMCG pubications, related to cohorts (RSS-fee based on a Pubmed Search)

Artifical Intelligence, Machine & Deep Learning Current Awareness Overview (for DASH)

What is Read?

Read provides a single place to discover new research, read outstanding topic reviews and search PubMed. You decide how, when and where you want to read your favorite journals. You can read it on the web and it has apps for Android, iPad and iPhone.

YouTube - Read for iPad

YouTube - Read for iPhone

Overview Current Awareness Topics

The PubMed Search for UMCG publications on these topics

Click this link to see the results in Pubmed

Search: ("Artificial Intelligence"[MeSH Terms] OR "Computing Methodologies"[MeSH Major Topic] OR "Data Science"[MeSH Terms] OR "big data"[MeSH Terms] OR "Datasets as Topic"[MeSH Terms] OR "computation*"[Journal] OR "bioinformat*"[Journal] OR "neural network*"[Journal] OR "artificial intelligence*"[Journal] OR "deep learning*"[Journal] OR "Artificial Intelligence"[Title/Abstract] OR "computational-intelligence"[Title/Abstract] OR "machine-intelligence"[Title/Abstract] OR "computer-reasoning"[Title/Abstract] OR "computer vision system*"[Title/Abstract] OR "machine learning"[Title/Abstract] OR "transfer-learning"[Title/Abstract] OR "deep-learning"[Title/Abstract] OR "support vector machine*"[Title/Abstract] OR "Data Science"[Title/Abstract] OR "big data"[Title/Abstract] OR "data-mining"[Title/Abstract] OR "text-mining"[Title/Abstract] OR "computer neural network*"[Title/Abstract] OR "neural network*"[Title] OR "connectionist model*"[Title/Abstract] OR "neural network model*"[Title/Abstract] OR "perceptron*"[Title/Abstract] OR "computing methodolog*"[Title/Abstract] OR "high performance comput*"[Title/Abstract]) AND ("university medical center groningen"[Affiliation] OR "umcg"[Affiliation] OR "university medical centre groningen"[Affiliation]) Sort by: Most Recent


New UMCG Publications on Artifical Intelligence, Machine & Deep Learning (DASH)

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Worldwide New articles on AI, Machine- or Deep-Learning and Data Science (for DASH)

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