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CAT guide: Search strategy

How to make a CAT (Critically Appraised Topic), a short summary of the best available evidence, created to answer a specific clinical question.

General aspects


Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library contains different types of evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. 

The two most relevant ones:

-  Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

-  Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials


How to search Cochrane Library?


Embase is a large database with articles of biomedical and pharmaceutical journals (all Medline records are included). Embase records are indexed according to the Emtree.


comprises biomedical research articles. More

How do I search PubMed?

How to use MeSH in Pubmed?

Assistance with literature searches

UMCG-employees and (RUG) students are welcome to make an appointment about search strategy for a systematic review or a CAT.

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