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CAT guide: Checklists & (reporting) guidelines

How to make a CAT (Critically Appraised Topic), a short summary of the best available evidence, created to answer a specific clinical question.

Protocol writing and registering (systematic review)

Search filters

PubMed filters: 
The CMB has added the following filters to PubMed (use the link to PubMed from the CMB website OR CMB-online in Nestor; the filters are visible after running a search):

Filter “Randomized Controlled Trials” (excluding reviews)
(randomized controlled trial[Publication Type] OR trial[ti] OR randomized controlled study[ti] OR randomised controlled study[ti] OR ((randomi*[tiab] AND controlled[tiab] AND trial[tiab]) NOT ("Review" [Publication Type] OR "Meta-Analysis" [Publication Type] OR "Systematic Review" [Publication Type] OR systematic review[ti])))

Filter “Systematic review and Meta-analysis”:
("Meta-Analysis" [Publication Type] OR "Systematic Review" [Publication Type] OR systematic review[tiab] OR metaanal*[tiab] OR meta-anal*[tiab] OR systematic[sb]) 

For questions, or information about other filters, email (Sjoukje)