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Researchers Guide - Central Medical Library: Data management

Information and tools for researchers

What is research data management

Research Data Management is a general term covering the organization, structure, storage, and legal care for data used or generated during a research project. It is important that data are well-organized and cared for as they often have a longer lifespan than the research project that creates them. Researchers may continue to work on data after funding has ceased, follow-up projects may analyse or add to the data, and data may be reused by other researchers.

Planning your research and preparing a Research Data Management Plan

In the planning phase of a research project, data management includes composing a Data Management Plan (DMP) in which a researcher or research group describes which types of data will be collected, where and how the data will be stored, if and where the data will be published, who will have access etc. It is recommended that all PhD students and researchers at the UMCG and Groningen University make a Data Management Plan. Many funders (ZonMW, NWO, Horizon2020) now require Data Management Plans as part of research project applications. The templates and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for making a Data Management Plan can be accessed in the UMCG Research Toolbox.

UMCG Research Toolbox

For every new research project, please go to Research Toolbox on the UMCG intranet, developed by and for researchers. This tool provides researchers with checklists for every phase of their research so they know exactly what steps to take and can abide all by the necessary rules and regulations for their specific area of research. Use the button 'Tools for Research' and walk through the decision tree. You'll be able to save the study overview document, digitally or on paper. You will also be able to register your research project here. 

Do you have questions about your Data Management Plan? You can contact the UMCG RDM working group at:

Workshops Research Data Management

You are also welcome to participate in our Research Data Management Workshop. This is a basic "awareness training" developed for and mandatory as of January 2018 for beginning PhD-candidates at the GSMS. Although the beginning PhD-candidates have priority to register, others are also welcome to take part. You can register here: 'Research Data Management Awareness Workshop'.

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