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Researchers Guide - Central Medical Library: Data management

Information and tools for researchers

What is data management?

Data management includes all actions needed to make research data discoverable, accessible and understandable in the long term: organization, documentation, storage, sharing and archiving. Data management is most efficient if it is planned at the start of the research process.

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Handbook for data stewardship

BROK certificate

For clinical (sub) researchers (junior and experienced).
BROK = Basiscursus Regelgeving & Organisatie voor Klinisch Onderzoekers.

PhD regulations

Data Sharing and Management

A data management horror story. This is what shouldn't happen when a researcher makes a data sharing request! Topics include storage, documentation, and file formats. 


Data breach report

If personal data (e.g. patient data) can fall into the wrong hands, then this must be reported. If this incident is not correctly reported and dealt with, the UMCG can be fined.

If you suspect a data breach, report this to UMCG phone number: 050 3611111 or internally: 11111 

How to make a data management plan?

Workshops Central Medical Library

The what, why and how of data management planning


TCC - Trial Coördination Center of the UMCG

TCC provides services around clinical research into pharmaceuticals and medical devices, including data-entry

Pilots datamanagement

Pilots and programmes on datamanagement.

ZonMw background info

Templates for a data management plan

A data archive for researchers

The Dutch Dataverse Network is a repository for research data that takes care of long term preservation and good archival practices, while researchers can share, keep control of and get recognition for their data.

Another data archive


Parelsnoer gathers clinical data and biomaterials from the Dutch university medical centres

More data collections

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