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What is ORCID?


  • Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier
  • ORCID iD is a 16-digit unique identifier
  • Free to register and use your iD
  • ORCID is used around the world by
    • Publishers
    • Research organisations
    • Funder

PURE > ORCID connection

You can either create an ORCID directly in Pure or register your existing ORCID there. This has a couple of benefits for the library, namely that we will always be sure that you are correctly connected to the right research. But more importantly for you: You can fill your ORCID page automatically from Pure.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Login into Pure
  2. Click on "Edit Profile"


  1. Click on "Create or Connect your ORCID ID" . You will now be directed to the ORCID site where you can generate your ORCID ID.
    Click on "Proceed"   
  2. Fill in all the required fields and press "register". In order to make optimal use of your ORCID ID, we recommend that you make your profile public.
  3. Pure will now request permission to access your ORCID ID. We ask you to grant this permission because Pure needs it to automatically update your ORCID profile with research output from Pure.

  4. Press "save" on the bottom of the Pure screen and you're done!

Why an ORCID? Benefit for researchers!

Avoid name confusion, increase visibility

An ORCID iD helps you to link your unique identifier with your publications and research activities. An ORCID iD prevents confusion about author names and ensures you will get credit for your work. It benefits your visibility and impact.

International standard

ORCID is growing fast as the international identifier for researchers. More and more journals and funders request or even require an ORCID iD if you send in your manuscript or grant application.

Save time

Once you have an ORCID iD, you do not have to fill in your address, employment history and affiliation details over and over again when applying for grants or submitting a manuscript.


Open and transparent

ORCID is an open, community-driven, non-profit organization. The identifier is universal and interoperable and it fits within the context of open science.

Privacy well protected

Researchers own and control their own ORCID records. As a researcher you decide what to register, what to link to your iD and what organizations you allow access.

Not limited to a single institution

You can take your ORCID iD with you throughout your academic career, even when you move from one university or research institute to another.


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