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Find a specific article

The most effective way to find a known article is to use a combination of author name(s) and (part of) the title.

You want to find this article:

Corbett, Steve. “The Social Consequences of Brexit for the UK and Europe: Euroscepticism, Populism, Nationalism, and Societal Division.” The International Journal of Social Quality, vol. 6, no. 1, 2016, doi:10.3167/IJSQ.2016.060102.

Enter the name of (one of) the author(s) and the title, or part of the title, between quotation marks. Leave out the article at the start of the title. By using the index labels for author (au:) and title (ti:) you will enhance the search results.

au: corbett ti:"Social Consequences of Brexit "

In many cases the correct article will be among the top results in the list. If not, you can reduce the number of results by selecting filters on the left hand side of the screen. Use the material type filter to select journal articles and publication year to limit to the right year.

                screenshot SmartCat. filter material type


If you cannot find the article in SmartCat, try locating the journal issue in which the article was published. See: Journal search

By clicking 'advanced search' underneath the search bar you can open an advanced search screen which allows you to execute a more refined search. You can combine keywords with AND, OR and NOT, specify which fields you want to search and use filters to limit results to a specific format or date range.




Index labels allow you to choose which indexes you want to search. In the example for quick search the labels for author (au:) and title (ti:) are used, but there are many more index labels available.

The following index labels might be useful when searching for articles:

Searching... Index label Example
All words kw:

Multiple fields like author, title, publisher, subject headings and abstract are searched

Author au:


Title ti:

ti:learning extreme events  (title contains these words)

ti:"learning from single extreme events" (title contains this phrase)

ISSN sn: sn:0004-3079 (finds articles from the journal with this ISSN)
Year of publication yr:


yr:199? (1990-1999)

Journal Source so: so:"art bulletin" (finds articles from journals with the phrase "art bulletin" in the title


How do I obtain the article?

If an article is available in Groningen the results list will mention:

                screenshot SmartCat. availability UG

If the article is available online there will be a button 'view full text' or 'view PDF'. A link will either take you directly to the article or to a landing page for the journal, where you need to select the correct year and issue to get to the article.

                screenshot SmartCat. article in results

 If a link is incorrect you can try another link (if available). You can also try to find the book or journal in which the article was published and browse through the contents list to find the article. See also: journal search


If you cannot find the article you are looking for in SmartCat it is probably not available online in Groningen. It is possible that the journal in which the article was published is availbale in print.  See: journal search

If you searched 'Libraries worldwide' it is possible that you found an article that is not available in Groningen.

Click 'Request from another library' to obtain the article.


In some cases there is no online access and no request button. Then it is possible to create a request in 'my account'

                screenshot SmartCat. my account. requests            In the overview of requests click 'create request'. This will open the ILL request form to request items that are not available in Groningen.


Requesting an article from another library in the Netherlands is free for students and staff of the university.

More on ILL and its costs



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