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Combine keywords

Use AND, OR and NOT (in capitals) to combine keywords.

NB! Tasks between brackets are executed first:

solar AND (power OR energy) finds items where power or energy occurs with solar.

solar AND power OR energy finds items with solar and power and finds items with energy.


Truncation and masking

sign function example

* behind a minimum of three letters.

Finds all words starting with the letters before the *

botani* finds botanic, botanisch, botanical etc.
# replaces 1 sign organi#ation finds organization and organisation
? replaces 0-9 signs col?r finds color and colour


Index labels

You can use index labels to search specific record fields in SmartCat. You can for instance use ti: to specify that your keywords must be part of the title.

There are many index labels:

Searching... Index label Example
author au: au: Dudok van Heel
title ti:

ti: history modern art (finds items with these words in the title)

ti:"history of modern art" (finds items with this phrase in the title)

Publication year yr: 

ti: "history of modern art" yr:2010 (to find a specific edition of a book)

Series se: se:"oxford history of the united states" (to find the volumes in a series)
Subject headings su:

su: cubism

su:"abstract expressionism"

Journal source so: so:"art bulletin" (finds articles in journals with the phrase art bulletin in the title)
ISSN sn: sn: 0004-3079 (finds the journal and articles from the journal with this ISSN)
Publisher pb: pb:brill (finds items published by Brill)
Call Number nu: nu:"60.EUR 4?" finds all the books with a call number that begins with 60.EUR 4


Keep filter settings

In SmartCat you can use filters to limit your search, for instance to search only books, written in a specific language and published in a specific period. You can also select to search libraries worldwide instead of University of Groningen only.

Once you have used these filters in a search you can indicate that you want to keep these filters in place for new searches.

                screenshot SmartCat. retain filters


Disable group related editions

By default SmartCat groups related editions and shows only one edition in the results list. The edition shown is the most recent edition that is available in the library. The advantage is that this limits the number of results.

In many cases the result shown is an e-book. If you want to see other editions you need to click 'other editions and formats at University of Groningen'.

An alternative option is to deselect 'Group related editions' under 'Search Result Display' on the top left of the screen. All formats and editions will be shown separately in the results list.

Your choice will remain active in new searches (during your SmartCat session) until you select Group related editions.



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