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Share a title

You can share a title record with someone else by sending an email of the record or by sharing a link to the record in SmartCat. There are action buttons with each record:

                screenshot SmartCat. cite share save

Clicking Share will open a new window. You can either copy the permalink of the record or send an email with the brief description and a message to one or more email addresses. 

                screenshot SmartCat. pop-up share title


Save a title in SmartCat

Save temporarily

Clicking Save will put the item in 'Saved items'

                screenshot SmartCat. cite share save

There is a link to 'Saved items' in the top right of the screen. You can send the list of items by email or export it. 'Saved items' is a temporary list that will be deleted when you close your SmartCat session. 


Save permanently

If you are logged in with your personal SmartCat account you can add the records in 'Saved items' to a personal list: Open 'Saved items', select the titles you want to save permanently and click 'Create List'. You can add a description to the list.

                screenshot SmartCat. personal lists


You can find your personal lists from the my account dropdown menu

                screenshot SmartCat. dropdown menu my account


There are different methods to export records from SmartCat. You can export a single title or a list of multiple titles ('Saved items' or a personal list)

Clicking 'Cite' will open a new window with several options to export:

                screenshot Smartcat pop-up cite


Copy&paste: choose your preferred citation style and copy and paste the citations.

Export: transfer your records to a reference management database. If you use Refworks you can import directly into your Refworks database. Otherwise save your records to a ris file and import this in your reference management database.

It is always important to check your exported records. You may need to make corrections to the formatting or add missing data.




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