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Publish Open Access - the agreements with publishers: Open Access discount

Everything you always wanted to know about open access

Check discount for Open Access journals

To support researchers to publish their research Open Access, deals have been negotiated by the VSNU with various publishers. Depending on the deal, UG/UMCG employees i) have a discount on the Article Processing Charges (APC) that need to be paid by the author to publish an article Open Access; ii) can publish open access for free in more than 10.000 journals (i.e. the author doesn't have to pay APCs at all).

Nota bene: To make use of the open access deals,

  • the submitting author must be an employee of the UMCG or the University of Groningen.  
  • to be recognized as a member and receive a discount, always submit your article using a UMCG/UG computer and your UMCG/UG email address! Virtual workplaces are functional as well (i.e. "" and ""). 

News: On May 19 2020, the VSNU published a new national deal with Elsevier allowing 95% of Dutch articles published in Elsevier journals can be made immediately open access for free. 

Please, read our Golden Tips before submitting your article.
For general information about open access, types of open access and the policy of the UG and UMCG, click here

Open Access Journal Browser  (check discount for open access)


Typing the first letter(s) plus * or typing the first word(s) of a journal title will also get you a list of titles starting with these letters or word(s)

Local deals

The UoG and the UMCG have made local deals with these publishers: 

‚ÄčPLoS: there is no discount for PLoS journals !!

The discount on the journals of these publishers is also included in the Journal Browser.

What if there is no discount for a journal?

If there is no APC discount for the journal you want to publish in, then the APCs for Open access publishing have to be paid by the researchers / research budget.

If you do not wish to pay the APCs, or the journal does not offer open access publishing, then the alternative is to make your article "green" open access:

  • Upload a pdf of the final author version of your manuscript. The library will take care of the registration in Pure, the research database of the University. The library will make the final author version publicly available via Pure, immediately or after an embargo period (depending on what is allowed by the publisher). 

    More information
  • Read more about Green Open Access
  • Check the Research database of the RUG/UMCG. Publications that are open access, can be recognized by the open access logo. The fulltext of these articles can be directly accessed. The publications in the research database can also be found by search engines. 

Quality of open access journals

predatory journalsWatch out for predatory open access journals! Check the DOAJ list.

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