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Finding full text PDFs with EndNote

EndNote has the option to search for full-text articles which you have access to through the UMCG/RUG subscriptions or that are freely available on the internet. When the PDF is found it is automatically downloaded and added to the reference in your EndNote library.

To have the highest chance of success you need to change some settings:

Go to Edit > Preferences > Find Full Text

Make sure the boxes from Web of Science to OpenURL are checked. 

Open URL Path:
Authenticate with URL: 


Searching for PDFs

To search for PDFs select the references you want, either individually, multiple with Shift + click or all references with CTRL+A. Right click the references and then choose for Find Full Text. At first you will be asked to log in with either your UMCG or RUG account and after that EndNote will start searching.

In the menu of the left you will see the status of the search. It is not always possible for EndNote to download the PDF. It could be that EndNote can't reach or download the PDF and will only add the URL. You can then use this URL to get to the full-text. Or in some cases EndNote can't find anything. It is good to know that EndNote can't find everything, this can be because the library does  not have a license or that a publisher prevents EndNote from downloading the full-text, but everything it does find will save you time having to find and download it yourself. 

A tip when EndNote can't find the PDF:

See if the reference can be updated. Right click the reference and click Find Reference Update. This might improve the data of your reference and it might allow EndNote to find the full-text.


Where can you find the PDFs?

All PDFs that are found through "Find full text" are saved on your computer. They are placed in the '.data' folder that is automatically created when you create your EndNote library. This folder is found in the same place as where you saved your EndNote library.


  • Find your .data folder. Default name is My EndNote Library.Data.  Note that the name of this data folder is always the same as your EndNote library.
  • In the folder is a folder called PDF.  In that folder you will see many folders with only numbers as names. In each of these folders is 1 pdf. So getting them out 1 by 1 is very time consuming. Luckily there is another option!
  • In the 'PDF" folder you can use Windows search (top right) to find PDFs.  search for " *.pdf "
  • Windows will then search within all those folders for .pdf files. You see a list of all PDFs, you can then select them all and copy them somewhere else if you want. Note that if you remove a pdf here, that it will also be removed in your EndNote library.


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