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What is EndNote Online?

EndNote Online is a web-based counterpart to EndNote, the desktop application. When you save references to EndNote Online, you are saving them to servers located "in the Internet cloud" (i.e., NOT locally at the UMCG). This means you can get to your EndNote Online library from anywhere you have Internet access. 

EndNote Online is limited to holding 10,000 references. It is also limited in its functionality in that you do not have the same control over output styles, etc. as you do using EndNote, the desktop application.

When to use EndNote Online?
We recommend creating an account at EndNote online. This is because you can then synchronize your library online (and thus have it as a back-up). Also if you want to share your library or just a group you need an EndNote online account to do so.

Users may set up a free EndNote Online account by registering at:

Sync option
Once you have set up an EndNote Online account, you may integrate this account with your EndNote desktop application using the "Sync" function to facilitate the transfer of resources between EndNote Online and EndNote.


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