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Rayyan is a free tool that will help you to screen publications for your systematic review. You can easily export your EndNote library and load it into Rayyan to start the screening. You can find Rayyan here:

Rayyan - Get Started

  • Go to the website of Rayyan:
  • Click on Get Started and select the Free option. Then proceed to create an account
  • After logging in to Rayyan select the option “New Review”.
  • Give it a title, research field, type and a description. Then click create.
  • Rayyan will then ask you to upload references. On the right side are useful guides for exporting from different reference managers

EndNote to Rayyan

  • In EndNote select the references you want to export (you can use CTRL + A to select all)
  • Click under File > Export
  • Save as type: Text File (.txt)
  • Output style: EndNote Export (or RIS)
  • You might not see the EndNote Export output style right away, but you can click “Select another style” and then search for EndNote Export.
  • You will then save a .txt file on your computer. That file you can then import into Rayyan.

Rayyan - Invite collaborators & Screening

Inviting collaborators to screen with you:

  • After importing the references into Rayyan you can click “All reviews” in the top right corner.
  • This takes you back to your active reviews and gives you the ability to edit options. Such as inviting other people.
  • The review will be ‘blinded’ by default after inviting other people. Only the owner can switch off ‘blind’ and then all collaborators will be able to see who included / excluded which publications.

Screening in Rayyan

  • Click a reference and you will see the abstract. After reading the abstract you can press I(include), E(exclude) or U(undecided).
  • When including or excluding you can add a reason (optional). This is especially useful in the second screening step (full text screening), when ‘reasons for exclusion’ must be specified.

Optional: Rayyan helps with screening

  • After deciding on at least 50 inclusions and/or exclusions Rayyan’s AI can assign a rating to the remaining references. 5 stars means that, based on your own 50 decisions, Rayyan thinks that the publication can be included.
  • After making at least 50 decisions, click compute ratings on the top. This may take a while if there are a lot of references. Each reference will then get a rating in the ratings column. No references are automatically included or excluded, you still have to make the decision yourself. The rating system can make it easier.

Back to EndNote

After screening all the publications you may want to export the included publications back to EndNote. A reason for this can be to use the EndNote “find full text” option.

  • Select the publications you want to export. For example the publications in the Included folder.
  • Top right, click Export and select format Refman (or EndNote).
  • You will receive the file in your e-mail. It will probably be in a .zip file, so unpack that first to find your .ris or .enw file.
  • Import the .ris or .enw file into EndNote.
  • In EndNote, select all references > Right click and click “Find reference updates” In the export from Rayyan to EndNote some metadata is lost, but that can be added again automatically with the reference updates.
  • Now you can, for example, select all references > right click > Find Full Text



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