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Publish Open Access - the agreements with publishers: Sage

Everything you always wanted to know about open access

100% discount for most SAGE Choice journals
20% discount for Pure Gold Open Access journals

The Dutch universities have reached an agreement with Sage in which open access publication has been largely bought off, so that academics can make their articles freely accessible to a wide audience without having to pay additional costs, or with a discount on these costs. 

Check a journal for discount

Open Access Journal Browser

Consult browser to see if a Sage journal offers 20% or 100% discount.


e.g. nature, science, "clinical microbiology", dent* AND pathol*, cancer journal, oncology, pathol*, pa*

Typing the first letter(s) plus * or typing the first word(s) of a journal title will also get you a list of titles starting with these letters or word(s)

Note: Unfortunately, we have no discount for PLOS journals


Journals with 20% discount 

Corresponding authors for Dutch Universities can request a discount of 20% for all full open access journals (SAGE Pure Gold Open Access journals)

  • When APC payment is requested by SAGE, the author should first contact the library for the APC discount code via
  • Then the author should reply to the payment email of SAGE with the code, citing the VSNU deal. If the payment system accepts the code, the discount will automatically be claimed. 

Journals with 100% discount 

Corresponding authors of a Dutch university have 100% discount on 786 subscription journals. For 40 subscription journals of the learned societies SAGE has to ask for permission for the 100% discount. These journals are identified on the list above by the addition : "ask  your librarian"..

  • After acceptance of the paper, the author will receive an e-mail from SAGE with a form about the nature of the Dutch agreement.
  • As next step an application form must be filled in and returned immediately in order to publish the paper open access without cost. On the form you will be asked for a code, which you do not need to fill in. 
More information about this agreement and the workflow

Pure Gold Open Access Journals of Sage

More information

Unfamiliar terms?



Check a publisher for discount



no fee

BioMed Central

15% discount


100% discount

Cambridge UP

Cambridge UP

no fee for most journals

De Gruyter

90% discount


no fee for some journals


no fee for some journals



no fee for some journals



pre-paid bundle


pre-paid bundle & discount



no fee for OpenChoice journals

Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis

no fee for Open Select journals


25% discount


no fee for OnlineOpen journals