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Publish Open Access - the agreements with publishers: Wiley

Everything you always wanted to know about open access

What are the main outlines of the agreement with Wiley?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor wiley open access vsnu

No charge for publishing in Wiley's OnlineOpen journals

Authors from a Dutch university may publish primary research and review articles open access in any of Wiley's hybrid, OnlineOpen journals at no charge to the author until 2019.

Are Wiley's full open access journals also part of this deal?
Wiley also publishes 60 full open access journals; these journals are not covered in this agreement. A researcher can, of course, still make an individual decision to publish in one of the 60 full Open Access journals. As these journals are not part of the Big Deal, the APCs will still need to be paid by the researcher as an additional fee.

Which journals are covered by this deal?

Attention: At Wiley, corresponding authors only have a very short time span in which they can order open access

This is what Wiley says: "Open Access must be ordered between the date of acceptance and the date of publication. If the article is already published in Early View or in Issue on Wiley Online Library, the article is ineligible to benefit from the discount."

There have been cases in which RUG authors were too late in requesting open access due to the fact that their article was already online available via 'early view'. It turned out that the time span between the acceptance date and the online publication as 'Early view' was very short - just over a month. 

How to indicate that you want to publish in open access?

See:  Flyer How to make your article open access with OnlineOpen 

NB You must clearly specify that you would like your article to be published in open access by selecting: order Online Open (ignore APCs/ charges). You can do that after you are notified that your article is accepted.


  • Go to the author services pages and fill in the OnlineOpen Form (see example below).
  • Select the university you are affiliated with in the dropdown menu ("Funder / Institution payment"), which automatically indicates that the author's fee has been paid (by the UKB / VSNU agreement).


Unfamiliar terms?

Check a publisher for discount



no fee

BioMed Central

15% discount


100% discount

Cambridge UP

Cambridge UP

no fee for most journals

De Gruyter

90% discount


no fee for some journals


no fee for some journals



no fee for some journals



pre-paid bundle


pre-paid bundle & discount



no fee for OpenChoice journals

Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis

no fee for Open Select journals


25% discount


no fee for OnlineOpen journals