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Use your UG/UMCG PC and email address

To make use of the open access deals,

  • the submitting author must be an employee of the UMCG or the University of Groningen at the time of acceptance.
  • the UMCG must be mentioned as the primary affiliation of the submitting author
  • the submitting author must be recognized as a member to receive the discount. Therefore, always submit your article using a UMCG/UG computer and your UMCG/UG email address!
    The virtual workplace "" is functional as well.
    The virtual UMCG workspace "UMCG Anyware" is NOT suitable, unless you login into the libary proxy in the EDGE browser before submission ( !!!
  • Use the Journal Browser to see if a 'read and publish deal' is applicable, including the earliest submission date (click on journal title) 
  • Check if the article type is covered by the deal.
  • For some deals, an annual quotum is applicable. In any case, the reference date is the date of acceptance (and not the submission date). This implies that sometimes the deal will be temporarily suspendedCheck before submission and when accepted if the deal is active.

Note: If there is a '100% discount read and publish' deal, no invoice will be generated for making the content open access. The processing is handled through the dashboard we have with the publisher. If an invoice does arise, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • The publisher's workflow was not properly followed, leading to the 'deal' not being recognized and activated. Please review the workflow below to ensure it has been correctly completed.
  • The article type is not covered by the deal, resulting in costs for the department associated with making the content open access.
  • The 'read and publish deals' only apply to APCs (Article Processing Charges) for making content open access. All other costs such as Submission Fees, Publication Fees, Color and Pages Charges, and Printing costs remain the responsibility of the authors. These costs apply even when publishing in a closed-access format. Hence, an invouce will be generated.

Add the correct affiliation details!

It's important that the address field of all UMCG scientific publications contain the following string:

University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen, ….,

The order of this string is crucial for the ranking of the University and the UMCG!
The addition of departmental or other details is recommended, but only AFTER this string.

Corresponding author

This also counts for publications on which the UMCG has participated with a corresponding author outside the UMCG or the University Groningen. 

How to find trusted OA journals?

Add Journal Browser to your browser

How to use the JournalBrowser bookmarklet?

  1. Select the title of the journal on a webpage, and click the bookmarklet in the Bookmark bar of your browser. 
    You will be presented with the results in the Journal browser! 
  2. OR Click the JournalBrowser bookmarklet in your Bookmark bar.
    A search box will pop-up where you can add the search terms!

Installation in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 10 or higher:

  • Simply DRAG the link to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser: JournalBrowser
    (In some cases you need to make your Bookmark Bar visible first via the Settings of your browser.
    Some browsers might block the pop-up at first. Simply allow it to work, and try again.
    You can safely ignore security warnings you may receive.)

For tablets and mobile devices

Click here for Dutch and English instructions for installing JournalBrowser on IOS and Android devices, such as tablets and smartphones. (in preparation)

Click in the textbox below to select the code:

Alternative ways to add the search (for search nerds and librarians ;-)

There are also ways to ADD the JournalBrowser search to your browser search engines (in preparation):

  1. Add JournalBrowser search to your FIREFOX search engines
    Go to in firefox and click on the JournalBrowser RUG part.
  2. Add JournalBrowser search to your CHROME search engines
  • Go to Chrome Settings and scroll down to "Manage Search Engines" and click on it.
  • Click the "ADD" button; a pop-up appears where you can fill in the NAME of the search engine (Type JournalBrowser or Check Dutch OA Deals ;-)
  • Add as Keyword: Open Access (a keyword is required)
  • Add the following URL:  AND CLICK ADD
  • If you make the JournalBrowser DEFAULT, you can just type in the journal title in the browser address bar, or 
  • select a text on a page, and Right-Click while choosing the JournalBrowser search


The information provided has been carefully composed. While the information contained within the libguide is periodically updated, no guarantee is given that the information provided in this libguide is correct, complete, and up to date. Therefore we disclaim all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained with this libguide.



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